The Heroworx Institute: What do we do?

Learn to Turn Ideas into Income as an Ethical

Design and drive a successful, ethical and sustainable sales & marketing strategy. 
Test, measure & tweak it  until your sales are oversubscribed !

Harness Human-Centred Design for Unique Business Value

Go beyond the obvious with empathy and human centred design for innovation.  
Learn techniques untapped the value at the apex of  your experiences and your customers needs . 

Unleash Your Moonshot Mindset 

Embrace your inner inventor, Ditch the doubt and get it out there! Realise your full potential and future proof income & your career prospects 

Use Tech4good & for Scaleable Sustainable Ethical Growth

Upskill with digital skills social media tips & productivity tools whilst effortlessly aligning objectives & key results to progressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and doing good in the worlds. 

 Build a new business.  

Replace ‘Meh’ with meaningful well-paid work! 

Make an impact in the world.

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International Womens Day 2021- Follow Up Clinic

Welcome to your free post workshop clinic. We are here to triage problems and bust through your blockages and come together as a community to empower and support each other. 
Level: Beginner /Intermediate  
90 Minutes  
Free templates  
Live Workshops (Recorded, Subtitled and Accessible)  
Entirely Online  

On international Women's day we delivered our live sprint challenge and we want to see how you go on.

Have you faced any unexpected problems?
Have you got any further questions?
Is your idea so brilliant you cant wait to share?

We have designed this live session around to triage our ideas, develop them and work together to bust through our blockers and push forward, creating your new businesses

You come away with an actionable blueprint to turn ideas into a life of flexibility, financial wellness and fulfilment. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructors

Natalie Jameson

Natalie’s unique take on the future of sales comes from 20 year’s in financial services sales & corporate deal-making at RBS, Barclays & ABN helping to found the UK’s first dental network in Sainsbury’s and Tesco (later sold to BUPA), designing and delivering tech & high tech incubators, accelerators, tech skills training & innovation programmes for clients like GCHQ, local Gov Incubator The Landing, as well as being the founder of two tech4good start-ups The Heroworx & CityZen AI. 
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